Now more than ever, it’s time to join the fight against tyranny to protect our rights and freedoms. Are you with us?

Meet Errol

Award-winning filmmaker, Errol Webber is a Candidate for California Governor. Webber immigrated to the U.S., from Jamaica, with his family in 2002, at 15 years old.

Californians deserve an innovator who will deliver actionable solutions and the results they deserve. As a Documentary filmmaker, I’ve spent my entire career investigating and understanding the nuanced challenges we face in our communities. As a candidate for California Governor, I’m ready to deliver these necessary solutions, with bold and realistic goals to correct many of the socio-economic problems that have, for too long, ailed this state.
Every time Gavin Newsom sidesteps the Constitution with his unconstitutional executive orders, it hurts Americans, their families, their health, their livelihoods, and their quality of life. We must never allow corrupt, power-hungry politicians to weaponize a virus to provide cause for them to strip us of our rights to assert even greater control over our lives.
I am running for Governor because our current Governor has gotten comfortable, enabled by a complicit liberal state legislature to commit atrocities against the hard-working Californians trying to define for themselves the American Dream. It’s time that we bring Democrats and Republicans together to find a clear path forward, and improve the quality of life for our families. Let’s focus on legislation to expand new economic opportunities, cut taxes and red tape for small businesses, make health care more affordable, and augment the effectiveness of the Federal Government’s national security initiatives and immigration system. Your vote means something, and I look forward to earning your vote!